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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You give more, you have less?

I picked up this story from The Borneo Post today -

Private hospitals given three months to sign blood supply MoU

What is the MoU about?

It is to prevent private hospitals from reselling blood at a higher price than what they had paid the government for the supply, currently fixed at RM20 per 450 ml bag.

The Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua said some private hospitals resold blood far as high as RM300 per bag. He added that he have never heard about any of them selling it at RM20.

The Minister further reported that the handling charge to the government is about RM80 per bag and at least 20 percent of the blood bank's supply go to the private hospitals. Last year, 46,000 blood bags mostly donated by the public, were supplied to private medical institution.

I am not an enterprising woman, but simple calculation tells me that the Ministry is making a loss of RM2,760,000 (46,000 bags x (80-20) just by supplying blood to private hospital! It also tells me that if the private hospitals are selling RM200 per bag, they are making a profit of RM9,200,000 for the 46,000 bags they get from the government hospitals!

Simple calculation also tells me that the Ministry is still using a rate (RM20) based on government fee schedule dating from 1953. It's 52 years ago!

Is it time for the Ministry to be more enterprising?

I salute the blood donors for their generosity. But each donation they made, they are causing the government to lose RM60. This is something they have never thought of, I believe.

The world says, the more you take, the more you have.

But, one of the paradoxes of the Christian life is - the more you give, the more you receive. You give more, you have more. I have never doubted it and am learning to keep a loose grip on my possessions, and get a better grip on the things that matter more.

The truth still prevails - but it's really a matter of getting a better grip on the things that matter - a better management.

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Good to know that you calculate how much the private hospitals is making out from the govt hospitals and also the innocent blood donors. This is on eof the reason that i do not donate blood apart from the fear of needles.

Why should my blood is being sold for a profit for the private hospital ?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 pm  

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