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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Roll Call

My heart is still warm though it is now the 5th day after listening to the Prime Minister of Sing-land, Lee Hsien Loong's rally speech last Sunday in Singapore.

Warm because of the many stories of the extraordinary people he mentioned in his speech. All these people are just ordinary people. I have given this post the title, The Roll Call, because many people are being mentioned in the national rally speech.

I love stories. I also remember stories better than facts and figures. I also love telling stories, and re-telling stories. Join me - I know you will be delighted by the extraordinary stories of his own ordinary people told by Lee Hsien Loong.

Story 1
She was a clerk and was retrenched. She could not find a job. She finally landed in a job cleaning toilet. When she was asked by her son to stop working, she had this to say - I do not loss my dignity as a toilet cleaner. I am earning a living and not robbing anyone. When her story was featured in a magazine, she was offered over 70 jobs. But, she chooses to work in an organization helping the aged. She is 63.

Lee said this, "I wish her well."

Story 2
Lee told of the story of a radiographer with Singapore General Hospital who had well past 70 years old. While praising SGH for being a good employer for employing three who have past 70 years old, Lee also praised this radiographer being efficient. When he was attended by this radiographer to take X-ray pictures, he never had to re-shoot. Lee related that while he did the same thing in a very well-known hospital, a young man was not as efficient.

Story 3
On improving service culture, Lee told this story.

A Singaporean airhostess arrived at destination and found she had no passport. The airport manager managed to get her admitted. She was scolded. To that, she answered, "I must go home and socld my maid because my maid packs my bag. My maid forgot to pack my passport. It is my maid's fault."

Lee said it is a little bit harder to provide good service whenw e are used to be look after.

Story 4
"My birthday wish for Singapore is to have a constant supply of water. I also wish for peace in Singapore." Eleven-year-old Patty caught Lee's eyes with this birthday wish in the programme booklet of a national day musical.

Patty was given full marks by Lee.

Story 5
Teacher Ranjini was also mentioned for her letter to PM which read - It's only now that I love abroad that I find myself proudly flying the Singapore flag. Singaporeans inevitably carry Singapore with them wherever they go, and there is a bit of Singapore through which they pass ont he will to be the best one can."

It's a roll call!

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