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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Raunchy Reading

Recently I interviewed a "Malaysian Star" studying in NUS High School of Science and Maths in Singapore. The full interview plus photo will be posted here after it has been published in The Borneo Post. Be patient, akan datang.

Today's thoughts come from reading an article in Focus in Family Website titled Rauchy Reading Hits Public School Libraries.

This "Malaysian Star" when asked what books she (yes, a 13-year-old girl) read, she told me every single book she read is screened by her mother before it lands on her hands or lap.

The principal of the school who was also there when the interview was conducted, asked, "Even books from the school's library?" For which, the "Star" nodded her head.

I thought it is over-cautious at that moment.

But today the article made me re-think into the subject. Should we screen every single book before our children get their hands on it?

According to the report, titles like "Doing it" and "Rainbow Bous" feature scenes with teachers and adults having sex with students. The article further reported that parents trying to get the books out of the reach of the children was only successful to move the books from open section to parental guidance section. One of the parents, Laure Taylor said this:

"I looked at it and found it to be absolutely heinous. It had pictures of naked children, it had pictures of children copulating, it had full-frontal nudity."

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hi yan:

A comment made ON THE RUN -- so if many typos, EXCUSE-lah!

This is a real dilemma you have raised (this word DILEMMA is sprinkled all over my Blod these few days up to 31 August -- balme it on the former PM, I digress!)

When I first got my hand on Mark Haddon's The curious doggie who got murdered, remember, and you CHALLENGED me to do a revbiew? (blush, blush ... I didn't know how to put those 4-letter words in a poliitcally correct way.

WoW -- this problem of PIX! Cooperating in a sexual adventure in the birdday suit -- I think it's a REAL Dilemma which parents would have to confront in his/her own, individual ways. No RIGHT way, only Your WAy, My Way , no OUR WAY! For me, your recount of your young Rachel (I hope my memory recall is correct?) NOT to accept Desi's CHALLENGE to review A CHALLENGE TO LOVE (doing some promo for mGf Catherine De Costa) was truly r
"revealing" -- I'd better leave it to tell thy story as you heard it from the Host's (horst's?)mouth!

Bye, or Buy, you know what I mean ( and it's not a swear word for those with dirt on their mind!)

By Blogger desiderata, at 1:31 pm  

Umm...the book should be totally be banned.... got here from debook worm...

By Blogger SooHK, at 10:22 am  

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