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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meeting People (2) - Distinguished Expert

I had a very enlightening afternoon high tea with former BBS News Broadcaster, Alexander Thomson, now Managing Director of News World International.

Prior to that I was having lunch with some corporate clients at the 25th floor of KLCC. I took a snap of the hazy sky looking out from the 25th floor.

Alexander has just flown in from London. With him was Bess Manley, the project manager of The First International Media and Environment Summit to be held in Kuching from 30 November to 2 December 2005.

Alexander Thomson said, "There are three key bridges World News International are trying to strengthen: media and environment; east and west; public and private sectors."

"Environment has become one of the most topical and pressing dilemmas facing the media today," says Alexandar. "The future of our environment is probably humanity's most urgent issue at present and the way in which messages about it are relayed and reported is a delemma we have to resolve. We hope the summit will give scientists, conservationists, media policymakers and media practitioners the chance to debate and agree how they can work together more effectively for the benefit of people across the world."

In short, it is about how to communicate the critical environmental problems to the people through the media. Environment affects everything. It is not just about loving animals, it's about global security. How do we put that into clear lay terms? Can the media communicate the issues effectively?

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Very bad haze in KL. I think it may get worse.

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