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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meeting People (1) - Enthusiast and Innovator

I dropped by a shop called Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) at Phileo Damansara to get some of my documents photostated.

A young pleasant man attended to me. The documents that I requested to be photostated are from the Association of Special Children. This is the association that I recently got involved in.

This young man after giving me the photostated copies, asked,

Is there a branch of this association in PJ area? I am interested to be a voluntary worker.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly surprised that there are young ones around who have a heart to do social work.

The next two persons I met were two young enterprising gentlemen in IT. They are the innovators. I was equally pleasantly surprised of their passion for charity works while we chatted along the way!

God Bless you, young ones.

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