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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Journey (1) - Owner's Manual

On the plane from Sibu to Kuala Lumpur on Monday, I finished the book "Beneath the Surface" by Bob Reccord.

This little paragraph caught my attention -

It is amazing what you will read when you are bored. Picking up an automobile magazine, I came across an interesting question-and-answer column asking, "What's the most unread book in America?" Being in the ministry, my mind raced to a typical answer - the Bible. I was dumb founded when I read this magazine's answer - the car owner's manual. I almost laughed out loud.

Have you ever read your car's manual? When we buy a car, we have already possesed a licence to drive. So, just hop on and drive - who cares about the manual? Some read when the car breaks down. Most just send the car to repair instead of reading the manual first. But we are supposed to read the manual for the maximum effectiveness and performances of the car!

To live our lives to the maximum effectiveness, read God's Owner's Manual - The Bible.

That's the lesson to learn, indeed.

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