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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Now and then, in our mail boxes, we receive touching stories, stories with good intention to warn people of certain dangers, stories of missing persons, stories appealing for assistances etc. It always ends with like this -

Send this to all the people you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot of crazies in it...

Pass this along to every friend you have access to. Never let your guard down.



Now, when you receive emails like this, do you do a "forward" immediately? Living in a closely knitted community like my own home town, I really do have some reservations in doing the "forward" of mails. I know nobody intends to spread a false rumour. Likewise, we do like to "forward" the mail with good intention. But, so often, we found out that the interesting, heartwarming or hilarious stories are all fictions, or e-rumours.

I stumbled into "Truth or Fiction site recently. The site describes itself as "your email reality check". I also did a search on the stories that I have read through forwarded emails from friends over the years, and to my horror, most of them are either fiction or unproven!

How reliable is this "truth or fiction", I don't have a "reality check" also. Perhaps, we really have to trust that instinct!

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I blogged about something similar awhile back. Generally I do not FW such emails but for that matter rarely receive them either!


By Blogger dobbs, at 9:51 pm  

Ah, reality check -- I normally don't "forward" such msg which can indeed turn out to be rumours!

Using some common sense, that was my basis in Posting about a potential thug at a Shoping Mall in KL based on an Email forwarded by mGf; in such circumstance, I in jest told the mGf his HP would be on show if that "msg" turned out to be hoax or rumour.

Well, all's is well that ends well when a Reader confirmed he's seen a similar episode on Kisah Benar, and I think RTM is still reliable in certain areas, eh? (That's another desi's habitual rhetorical Q!;)

Regards, and regarding your sin(g) breakaway, pls don't file rumour stories; those sin gomen ppl have less sense of H(r)umour than Malaysians, generally!

By Blogger desiderata, at 10:31 pm  

I enjoy reading those touching stories, but I too have reservations about forwarding them, especially those asking for donations.

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:32 pm  


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