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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

When you live by numbers

Two weeks ago, a staff of mine resigned and would be leaving the town. He has an apartment that is ready for occupation next month. He wants to let go. I was quite interested then. So, I went to have a look. I remember a friend also booked one unit there. So, I called her just to check on the market price. She asked, "Which block, 63 or 65?" I did not know.

Few days later, I met this friend and she told me she hit 4D with my "luck" with 6365 (or 6563, I did not take note). I thought, many people now live by numbers.

I read this piece of news from The New Paper Singapore last night that saddened me:

SHE was among the hundreds of Singaporeans who showed up at Liu Hong Mei's funeral last week.

The housewife, who wanted to be known only as Mrs Tan, openly confessed to The New Paper on Sunday that she was hoping to strike 4-D after attending the funeral.

From Hong Mei's age to the number of people who carried her coffin to the number plate of the vehicle that ferried her coffin, Mrs Tan kept a lookout for numbers at the funeral.

'When I read about how some people struck 4-D after they attended Huang Na's funeral, I was very envious. So this time I made an effort to go to Hong Mei's funeral,' said the 55-year-old housewife in Mandarin.

'People won't talk openly about the numbers that they've spotted. You need to look around discreetly and you will know that there are numbers everywhere.

'You can get your inspiration from counting the number of wreaths and blankets at the funeral.'

Doesn't she feel bad about trying to strike it rich from someone's death?

Her answer is NO!

Yes, when you live by numbers, you see numbers everywhere. You treat others as numbers, and you also treat yourself as numbers. You have forgotten that you come this year to love and be loved!

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