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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tun and the young ones

Tun Dr Mahathir (Malaysia former Prime Minister) may have disappointed reporters for that response of "Dont want - lah". The newspaper reported that eager reporters hoping for quotable quotes from Tun were disappointed. Tun and his wife were leaving a gathering for the celebration of the second anniversary of a magazine for the young ones called "Bintang Kecil".

Well, Tun and his wife have definitely not dispapointed the young ones at the gathering. The newspaper reported that the children wanted to know how they celebrated their birthdays, their ambitions, their take on fashion, the animal which they found most repulsive and the difference between today's children and those in their younger days.

The answers?

Birthdays - Tun usually celebrated his birthdays outside the country accompanied by his wife and several bodyguards in the past. Now, for his 80th birthday, he had many invitations to mark this auspicious occasion. So, Tun had not decided?

Ambition - Dr Siti Hasnah (Tun's wife) aspired to be a journalist when she was young. But, later she changed her mind to take up medicine. Why? Because her mother fell ill and no one could tell what she was suffering from.

Now and then - Young girls in Dr Siti Hasnah's days wore whatever their parents picked for them. Today's children had magazines, TV and friends to influence their fashion.

Animals - Tun finds snakes the most repulsive animal. This is a feeling which he had since he was young.

I would not have been disappointed with such warm answers to the young ones! With the not-so-good feeling news like helicipter crash news at home, the AP controversy, to take away the "Dr" title, a photo of Tun with the young ones whould have made my day. Unfortunately, I did not see one in the local newspapers here in Sarawak.

Updated: On my way back home in the plane just now, I got hold a copy of NST, and yes, NST carried the photo. Read and see the picture here.

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