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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Surpassing yourself

I went to Liu Yong (picture left) talk in Sibu last night. The talk show which was held in Civic Centre here was packed. All proceeds of tickets go to the Chinese education.

This is Liu Yong's second visit to Sibu. The first one was nine years ago.

Liu Yong is a writer also an artist. He has published many books. Majority of his readers are young students. His writing is imbued with concern and affection. Titles like "Surpassing yourself, Trusting yourself, Creating yourself" gives the young readers a sense of intimacy.

Nine years ago, I attended his talk. Nine years later, I attended his talk - what's the difference? Liu Yong is still Liu Yong. He still cares. He is still concerned with the young ones. He still loves the Chinese education here in Malaysia. He still presents his best. He still tells stories. The only difference is I have aged. I would not line up to get books being signed by him. I still love hearing his stories.

If you have young daughters growing, grab a copy of his book titled "Growing is a beautiful Pain" and read. This is a book she wrote to his daughter (or anybody else's daughter). In it, there are gentle instructions on how a girl might discover and cherish the good in life. There are exhortations on independence and self-reliance.

May God Bless You, Liu Yong, for all the good deeds you have done for the Chinese education in Malaysia, for all the life's little instructions given to the young ones, for all the wisdom given unreservedly to parents.

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