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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Season of our lives

A business friend has a fruit garden. In his garden, he grows mangoes beside other fruits. He sends me mangoes in boxes now and then. Yesterday, some politicians visited his garden. He called for some "favours" of news coverage. That brings me thoughts of mangoes ...

Mangoes, whether it is ripe, just ripe or even unripe can always turn into something nice. Eat it as fruit, the fragrance and flaviour is simply great. Make the mangoes into pudding - it's just great. Bake a mango cake - it's befitting for a King's Hi-Tea..

I am always able to extract goodness from mangoes in any of its stages - ripe, just ripe and unripe.

Isn't it also true of our lives? Whatever state of mind, whatever season of our lives, there is always something good that can be extracted from us. It's a matter of - Are you willing?

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Often it can be a case of:

The mind is willing
The body is weak
Rather continue sleeping
Wait until energy reaches its peak

If it's a game
I am willing
If it's work of more the same
I am leaving

PS: Again, done in just jest
at about 7.17pm, on the seventeenth day of the seventh moon in the yaer 2005. Why am I so long-winded on a lazy SUNday! (Yes, another Rhetorical Q! remember Christophher of the Curious Incident of that DOGGIE...?)

By Blogger desiderata, at 7:25 pm  

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