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Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Birthday! You are 20 years younger, 1 year wiser

One of my young friends is having a birthday today. I “smsed” him this morning with this message –

Birthday brings along a truly wonderful chance to leave aside every care and simply enjoy. Have an extra-special birthday.

He replied to thank me, but he wanted to turn back the clock. He wants to be younger, even though he is young! I can’t buy him a time machine, but I think he would enjoy a story told by a young girl and feel young -

My children are great story tellers. Here is one written by my daughter when she was 11. She was given the few words like mutton curry, gas, purple, basket, eyelash (highlighted in orange in the story) to make up a story. If you are in a mood to go back to the children’s world like how my young friend wishes for on his birthday, then join me ….

Emmmm.. It's delicious. I said as I was dipping my spoon back into the bowl of mutton curry. It was my favourite spicy dish. In fact, it was almost the only dish I eat every day.

Everyday, I will at least eat two to three bowls of mutton curry. My mother always tells me to stop eating mutton curry. But, I couldn't. It is just so yummy. But something happened and changed my taste for mutton curry.

It all started when I got a heat stroke for eating too much mutton curry. I wasn't allowed to go to school or eat mutton curry. However, as my carving for mutton curry became strong, I waited for my mother to go out, then I took out the money in my piggy bank and went to the market. I took a basket. I asked for ten packets of mutton curry.

My mother was gone for the whole day and I kept eating mutton curry until I finished all the ten packets. I was very full and sick of it. I washed the bowls and lay in bed. Then, my mother came back with a packet of mutton curry. She gave to me and said, "Dear, you must be hungry." I took the eleventh packet of mutton curry.

That night, I had a night mare. I dreamt that I was in a castle and I was the queen. When suddenly the real queen came, she punished me for entering her castle. She made me eat mutton curry out of a bowl, the contents of which will never run out or go rotten. Green coloured gas was bubbling from the bowl. I took the spoon with trembling hand and put the mutton curry in my mouth. It tasted awful. But I forced myself to eat it. It tasted so awful even in the dream.

The queen put in all kinds of disgusting things into the mutton curry and I was forced to eat it. But the most awful thing was when she took hold of a small man and pull off his eyelash and put it in the mutton curry. My stomach turned. I thought I would throw up and vomit my organs out. SuddenlyI was vomiting out something, thank God, it was not my organs but purple slimy liquid oozing out of my mouth.

I woke up and looked at the clock. It showed 6:00 am. I saw my mother and ran to her begging her to forgive me for going out to buy mutton curry and told her my nightmare. I promised to her to try other variety of food and never eat mutton curry again.

I went back to school that morning. I kept thinking of mutton curry and the nightmare. When I came home I smelled a familiar aroma. I walked into the kitchen and my mother was cooking mutton curry. The sight make me screamed, "Ahhhh.... "

Still don't feel young after reading the story? This birthday song is the favourite of my 9-year old son. Sing and feel young -

Happy Birthday to you
You were born in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And smell like one too....

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Very interesting story. Hmm, an up-and-coming C S Lewis in the making.

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:31 am  

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