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Sunday, July 03, 2005

From Crush to Slap

It's Sunday. Thank God it's Sunday.

Two days ago, not on a Sunday, my 9-year-old son related to me this familiar story. You must have heard of it during your young days.

A girl classmate likes a boy classmate. She writes him a note and puts in his drawer. The note reads -

Dear xxx, I actually like you very much. But I do not know how to express it. So, I am writing this note to you to tell you I like you. Your classmate, xxx

The boy is very angry and shows the note to all the boys in the class.

It could be a boy writing to a girl.

They are young. 9 to 10 or 11 to 12, may be.

It always amuses me to hear stories from my little boy. He is a good story teller. Not only is he a narrator, he always ends with the "moral" of the story.

The "moral" of this story, according to my son, is this -

If you find such a note in your drawer, erase your name, put someone else's name on it and put it in his drawer. Never show it to others, let others show it to you and let others be "slapped" by the girl.

Try this brain teaser (because it's Sunday) and be amused. I have provided the answer too - it's Sunday, I do not want to keep you in suspense -

When you were in your early school years,
you can remember when you had a CRUSH on that cute girl sitting nearby.
The only problem comes when you say something stupid
and she SLAPS your face.
Try to get from CRUSH to SLAPS in 5 steps by making a word each time.


Incidentally, my 9-year-old also "tells" me what does SARAWAK (the State where we stay) mean. It means -

Send A Rose And Wish A Kiss (copyright, Richard K, my son's classmate)

The amusing part is if you are so desperate and go ahead to Kiss, then this is what happens -

Kiss A Woman And Receive A Slap (copyright, CLKL, my son)

That's spelling Sarawak backward.

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That is so cool: your CLKL is able to manipulate the words so cleverly, well done!

By Blogger fishtail, at 7:23 am  

Hi, fishtail,

Thanks for your compliments. Every mother has a story to tell about her child.

Children are wellspring of inspiration!

When my older child (14, girl) was 4 or 5, she just refused to sing that Chinese song praising mother. Remember that familiar song saying that mother is the best in this world. If you have mother, you are like a treasure... The second stencil says without mother it's very sad, if you have no mother, you are like a grass.

My little girl said, it's too cruel to make motherless children look like a grass.

So, she would never sing that song.

Have a good day!


By Blogger Yan, at 9:04 am  

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