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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Borneo Cultural Festival - the Foochow food

I went to Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) today. BCF is an annual cultural festival organized by the Municipal Council. It has been fixed in the calendar of Sarawak Tourism Board as one of the annual affair. It aims to promote Sibu to be a town of rich culture and festivals.

This is the fourth time this event described as Beauty in Ethnic Diversity is being held in Sibu.

BCF will be on until 9th July. It started on 2nd July.

I did not visit all the stalls, but perhaps, you would like to take a stroll with me?

Food stalls are plently. Being Foochow, I take a few pictures of the food sold by the Foochow Association. Not all the food on display are taken.

These are traditional foochow wedding cake called "li-ping".

The top one is from the bride's family.

The bottom one from the bridegroom's family.

This is also traditional Foochow Food - rice noodles soup, it's called "feng-gan".

It's usually taken together with boiled egg, and sometimes the egg is fried (as next picture). It means peace.

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glad to know the foochow heritage and culture and still there to stay in Sibu.

yum..yum... hungry while browsing the pics.

By Anonymous st, at 11:53 pm  

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