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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have mercy

Michael Jackson acquitted. Jury finds him not guilty on all charges.

Few months ago my 9-year old son asked why Michael Jackson was charged. I was not able to immediately use suitable words to answer him in Mandarin. But my 14-year old daughter was quick to answer his brother, “He was accused of molesting children.” Thanks to Rachel.

CNN showed the life of MJ during the past few days. My son was relating to me MJ’s life story, giving me full descriptions of MJ’s hairstyle and look in different stages of his life.

This morning at 6:00 am, I was in a mood to joke with my son who was dressed and ready for school.

“Your friend Michael Jackson is not guilty.”

My son pulled a long face and said, “Michael Jackson is not my friend.”

When I dropped him at the school gate, he was still pulling a long face and did not wave me goodbye!

Mercy is really not easy to give when we know what’s been done. It can pit you against people and let you into controversy. Others may have a different take on the recipient’s situation. They may resent that the full and proper sentence wasn’t served. They may consider you naïve and not aware of all the facts.

Yet mercy is the basis of God’s interaction with His people. We like to say, “God helps those who help themselves.” The fact is - God helps those who cannot help themselves. He redeems His own not because they show promise, not because He needs them on his team, not because He owes it to them, but simply because –

He delights in mercy (Micah 7:18 NKJV)

Justice works, when the punishment fits the crime. If you have any say in the matter, or any power at all in the outcome, will you err on the side of mercy?

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Mercy among the virtues is like the moon among the stars, not so sparkling and vivid as many, but dispensing a calm radiance that hallows the whole.
- Edwin Hubbell Chapin

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