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Friday, June 24, 2005

Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery Posted by Hello

I “missed” this scene yesterday because I went to a lunch hosted by a bereaved family after a funeral service.

The Borneo Post reports –

A woman became a victim of snatching when thieves smashed her car window while she was driving yesterday noon outside xxx (lifted by me) Primary School when she went to pick up her children.

The housewife was about to stop her car at Jalan xxx (again, lifted by me) when two thieves on a motorcycle rode up from behind.

The pillion rider got off, walked towards her car, smashed the window and took her handbag which was on the front passenger seat.

The thief then hopped onto his motorcycle and sped off.

The theft caught the victim by surprise and when she came to her senses, the thieves were already gone.

The housewife lost RM300, two mobile phones and some documents.

That’s the place where I meet my little boy everyday. That’s also the time when I would be there. These are the women (mothers) I meet often. These are the women I sometimes talk to. This is the route I have to pass if I go to the book room near the school when I am early. This is the place where I sometimes park my car while waiting for my son.

My oxford dictionary tells me that a thief is “a person who steals things from another person.” Further down the there is a note –

A thief is a general word for a person who steals things, usually secretly and without violence. The name of the crime is theft. A robber steals from a bank, shop, etc and often uses violence or threats. A burglar steals things by breaking into a house, shop etc. often at night, and a shoplifter goes when it is open and takes things without paying. A mugger steals from somebody in the street and uses violence or threats.

A thief? No, it was not a theft.

A robber? More appropriate.

A burglar? More suitable here than using thief

A mugger? Is this the word?

I would say it’s a daylight robbery!

What the world is up to?

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Just can't be too careful nowadays, Yan. Read about the accountant who lost his thumb because the car thieves needed his thumb print to start his Mercedes? They just chop off his thumb and push him out of the car.

By Blogger fishtail, at 5:17 pm  

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