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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Belly Button Piercing

I picked up an old book from my bookshelf last night. It’s titled “Between mother and daughter” by Judy Ford and Amanda Ford.

It is a teenager and her mum sharing the secrets of strong relationship. Judy is the mother. Amanda is the teenage daughter.

This is not a book to tell you about “how to”. Each chapter starts with a true scenario followed with discussions by the mother and daughter on each issue from their own perspective. It’s definitely enlightening.

There is a chapter on “Belly Button Piercing” which I think, I would never agree to let my daughter, Rachel to do that. But Judy (the mother) agreed to let Amanda get her belly button pierced for her fifteen birthday!

Judy wrote this –

I wasn’t totally comfortable with my decision to let Amanda get her belly button pierced. I’m sure you understand how a mother can be talked into something without being sure of how it happened. You know how your daughter begs, pleads, reasons, and talks circles around you until you finally give in? It was like that with the belly button piercing.

Have you ever felt particularly ignored by your teenage daughter? Judy said that the mother-daughter relationship is made up of two very alive women. Therefore, if your daughter pulls away, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore. She simply needs her privacy. Honouring the time apart will keep the bond alive.

Amanda wrote this –

Taking time to yourself is important because it allows you to unwind and collect your thoughts. After spending an entire day with people, you can get run down and stressed out. Everyone needs to have their private thoughts and space. When I need to get away, I spend an afternoon at the art museum downtown by myself. There, I am free to be with my thoughts and exactly what I want without pressure or disturbances.

If your daughter has been pleading you to have her ears pierced with three holes each, before you say “If God wanted you to wear earrings, you would have been born with holes in your ears", grab this book and read!

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a gentle way to say NO! Good suggestion. If our children revere God, God will have a place to work in them.

By Anonymous st, at 11:15 pm  


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