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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Star Wars, Shoe Wars

I have two confessions to make –

I have only watched Star Wars 1. I could not remember what’s it about.

I have no intention to watch Star Wars Episode 3.

I am really not a “cool” woman. But, everybody is talking about it. I thought may be I could invite a young friend to write in my cyberhome in order to stay “current”. So, I asked a young doctor to tell me what it’s all about. Here it is –

To be truthful , it was a bit boring initially. I could not work out what was happening. And I nearly fell asleep.

Then with my good memory of Star Wars 1 and 2 , the picture became clearer to the ordinary audience like me.

The third episode is actually meant to precede SW 1 and 2.

The SW 3 movie showed how Luke Skywalker and his sister came to the good side and their father in the bad side. And why their father DarkVader is in the black metal suite.

A long movie and if you want to see , I think you may consider taking a cup of coffee before the show to keep you awake.

Not so good as SW 1and 2.

The sound system plus the movie nearly made me sleep ......

Now back to my Star Wars 1. I was chatting with a colleague of my age, 40 something. He said people of our age watching Star Wars could be more for the memories of Star War 1 or 2. I almost exclaimed “YES”. It’s the memories.

I remember watching Star Wars 1 with a guy. I could not remember his name. But, I remember he looked like a Taiwanese film star. This Taiwanese film star later jumped to his death in a suicide.

During those days going out to movie with a guy meant something. You kept a distance. You made sure shoulders did not rub. Hands did not touch. And most of all, you did not meet anybody you knew.

Yes, nothing happened throughout the movie. I was sent home – no holding of hands, no accidental touch throughout the movie. No popcorn. No talking during the movie…

Yet, I could not remember a single scene of the Star War.

But, the “war” really started after the movie. It’s not “star war”, but “shoe war”. This guy went to Kuching the next day. He called one night asking me my shoe size. Wearing few sizes bigger than the ordinary girl, my shoe size was as sensitive as the age of a woman. I was offended and never wanted to see him anymore.

So, that ended the “Star Wars”. Later, I found out that his sister owned a shop selling shoes, he was trying to be nice to get me a pair of shoes from his sister’s shop.

We started with the “Star Wars”, but ended with me walking out of his life, not in his shoes.

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Well i think i should have taken a cup of coffee. But at least at the end of the movie , i understood the movie.

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