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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shoes, Choices and Decisions

I have a dream that I have been dreaming over and over since childhood. It’s a dream about going somewhere without shoes. It may be going to school, going to work, going to a party, or going on a trip. There are different occasions, but the horrible part is always “with no shoes”. Or sometimes, it was dropping the shoes into the river or from a tall building.

During my childhood days, I stayed in a small village. Having a pair of shoes was then a luxury. Most of the children went to school bare-footed. I was no exception. The school was about 20-minute walk from my house. It was a small road.

I always interpret the dream as “fear” and “insecurity”.

On one occasion when I was conducting a Million Leaders Mandate to a group of Girls’ Brigade Officers, I shared with them this dream. I could not remember why this dream was shared. But, I know it was shared in connection with the lessons that I delivered on fear and insecurity.

One of the participants thought it could be “choices”. She thought I have too many choices and could not decide which shoes to wear, and ended up with not wearing any shoes.

Last night as I prepared my lessons for sharing during the coming Girls’ Brigade Malaysia National Officers Retreat in Malacca at the end of the month, I came across this very interesting story on shoes and choices. Here it is –

Joseph Henry used to tell a rather strange story about hischildhood. His grandmother paid a cobbler to make him a pair of shoes.

The man measured his feet and told Joseph that he could choose between two styles: a rounded toe or a square toe.

Little Joseph couldn't decide. It seemed to be such a huge decision; afterall, they would become his only pair of shoes for a long time.The cobbler allowed him to take a couple of days to makeup his mind.

Day after day, Joseph went into the shop, sometimes three or four times a day! Each time he looked over the cobbler's shoes and tried to decide.

The round-toed shoes were more practical, but the square toes looked more fashionable. He continued to procrastinate. He wanted to make up his mind, but he just couldn't decide!

Finally, one day he went into the shop and the cobblerhanded him a parcel wrapped in brown paper. His new shoes!

He raced home. He tore off the wrapping and found a beautiful pair of leather shoes - one with a rounded toe and the other with a square toe!

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Hi, your shoe-wy tale jogs in my mind a news report about a robber who hijacked a van transporting shoes from the factory. On inspecting his loot, he was feeling all wronghanded with 1,000 right-footed shoes.

I guess another van bearing the right left-handed shoes was following some time later to avoid the same bugger!

Nice shortstory to make me break into laughter like a child, and that's a shoewy one (story or child?).

By Blogger desiderata, at 12:31 pm  

go on try n walk without shoe.

get in touch with mother nature and have some foot massage and "wake Up" the sleeply nerve.

it's back to basic going barefooted and live a garden of eden's life

By Anonymous st, at 12:30 am  

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