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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Remembering My Mother

While my cake is in the oven, I am writing this. I have half an hour to 35 minutes for the cake to be ready. I wait in anticipation the fresh aroma of the banana cake as I open the oven ...

On Mothers' Day, I remember my own mother. My mother had never baked a cake before, but she was a great cook. I want to remember my mother in a special way today. In my last post, I wrote of leaving a little margin in life. It was my mother who taught me to always leave a little margin emotionally, physically and spiritually, so that I could have space to stretch.

A Christian psychologist was asked to explain which aspects of the nature of God are imprinted on the soul of a child by each of his parents. The psychologist explained that a father embeds into the heart of a child of God's trustworthiness. Catch this scene -

"Daddy, catch me!" a little child jumps from the table to his father. His father catches him.

Yes, it is the father who throws the child into the air and catches him again. Trust is built. Daddy is strong and safe.

The psychologist said mothers are the warm centre, the safe place. They are "home". Mothers are model for a child that God is "there", that he exists and is ever present. It is a mother, after all, that a child runs to when feelings are hurt or the knee is skinned. It is the mother whose presence makes the house a home and makes the home a safe base to launch into life from.

Yes, home, the warm place. The place where it is always safe, where it is always filled with the good smell of food during dinner time, lunch time and even early morning the aroma of coffee and toast.

My mother was a great cook. Her small refrigerator was always not even half-filled. But, we had never gone hungry with her around. She could always produce some home-cook food in a most economical way for her nine children. Anytime, we visited her, she would be able to have something for us.

I frequent Ting’s Noodles House in Kuching. First for the reason that it always reminds me of my mother. - Anytime - there is food.

Ting Noodles is still open in the late afternoon. Sometimes, when I am caught in office works way over the lunch hour, I know I still have hot steaming food at Ting’s Noodles.

It's just like my mother's home. Anytime, I felt down emotionally, anytime, I felt hungry physically, I know in my mother's home, there was food, there was comfort.

Second, it’s for the good food Ting's Noodles serves. Anytime - the standard never drops.

It's just like my mother's food. Anytime, she cooked them with love. And the standard was always maintained.

This is one of the dishes that I would never miss while at Ting's Noodles -

It reminds me so much of my mother's love. The owner of Tings' Noodles told me this -

A dish of food must have the following six features –

The colour
The aroma
The taste
The presentation
The quality
The nutritional value

Does this dish have all the six features?

In my mother's house, beside the six features, food was decorated and filled with her love.

I love going to Ting's Noodles with good friends. It was my best friend, Sandra who brought me there the first time. Next to God and own family, we are indebted to God for provisions of good friends. We thank God for the provision, and then for making them worth having. Look at this dish that the owner specially prepared for us as an extra when I brought two good friends there two nights ago -

My mother was also a friend to me. She brought by virtue of her gifts a sense of place, focus, devotion, and emotional energy that enriches and decorated my life.

My mother always brought me some surprises. She was a glorious creature, a representation of part of God's nature. She was the woman who kept the flame of faith burning. She checked on the aggressive nature of me. This surprised menu at Ting's Noodles, always reminds me how my mother would surpirse time and again ...

My mother protects, encourages, blesses and celebrates the good and she believes in the good of all her children, nine of us.

She is now in a better place. Still, often I wonder whether she still cooks..

My mother went to the Lord in 2000. I have written the second last sentence in the present tense because she still lives in us, each one of her children, and nine of us altogether...

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Hi, Yan,

What an unique way to remember your mother.

God bless.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:14 pm  

Hi, can you tell me where is Ting's Noodles House?

Kuching food lover

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 pm  

i like your rich sense of relating things in remembering mum. we will go again..... anytime before 8.30pm when most shops are close after lunch.

By Anonymous st, at 9:19 pm  

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