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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No joy, no fun

The cold splashes, but ouch...it's muddy and it is a ditch.
(Photo credit: The Borneo Post)

The Borneo Post reports today that the students in Long Asap, Belaga have been without clean water for one week. The students are forced to bath in ditch. The above picture shows the children taking their bath with the supervision of the teachers.

The picture reminds me of my good old days in a little village down the river. Most of the time we bath in the little streams where the water run very clear. While our mother was washing the clothes, me and my brothers and sisters would enjoy very cold dips in the stream.

I also remember when the stream dried up due to a long period of dry spells, we would be bathing in the river. We enjoyed even more at the river when the motor boats passed by with waves rushing towards us.

We bathed, we washed clothes, and the river water was even safe for drinking.

We have joy. We have fun. We have season in the sun...

I was trying to take a very close look a the children in the picture above, however, I did not see any signs of joy and fun. They are in a predicament, as reported in the newspaper.

It's only a ditch or a drain? It's not the peaceful streams of my good old days. The children are there to clean to meet their bare necessities of getting themselves clean.

We lead life differently...

Swimming in the swimming pool is a comfort of life. Owning a swimming pool within their house compound is a luxury of life.

We do not have any more clear streams where the water runs deep, and yet we can see to the botton of it. We do not have river where we can see fish swimming...

If we have the clear streams, a splash in the cold water under the supervision of the teachers in a warm day would be very delightful.

I dream on ..... seeing my little boy forgetting his 10-kg schoolbag and enjoy the clear cold water ....

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