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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Margin

When I fetched my son from school yesterday, he could not wait to tell me that “one of his girl classmate is stressed out”.

Stressed-out? A stressed-out 9-year-old? I confess I was more curious than being concerned. My son then related to me what happened during the Life-Skills class. From the school to my house is about 10-minutes drive. So, it took him 10 minutes to tell me what a stressed-out 9-year-old is like. According to the detailed reporting of events, this 9-year old girl was throwing out her anger to her classmates. And the teacher allowed her to release her temper and tension in a very diplomatic way. And the little girl finally broke down and cried, my little reporter reported. He was happy that it was over though he was one of the "victims" being thrown with mud.

I baked a chicken pie last night. What has baking a chicken pie to do with a stressed-out little girl. Baking is one of my ways to allow myself to enjoy some unhurried time and space. In particular, making the pie crust is especially a perfect conclusion to my hurried day. Here is the pie -

The margin - Yan's Chicken Pie Posted by Hello

The space and unhurried time is the margin in our life. The stressed-out little girl has no more margin left emotionally. Therefore, a little irritation results in such great burst of temper. I heard this little illustration of the importance of margin sometime ago. The speaker illustrated that when you are given a blank piece of paper to take notes, you normally fill up the whole page. When you are given a blank piece of paper with margin on the left, you will start writing notes and leave the margin blank.

This little margin can play magic in your life. It allows you space and unhurried time. If you do not have this little margin, when your children drop something, you burst into temper. When someone step on your toes, you shout at him.

We need this little margin in all aspects of our life – physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

We all need unhurried and space. How about baking a pie for the perfect conclusion of a hurried day?

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Hi Yan:

Hey, your little boy really inspires you. A telling post from a storyteller (if he aspires to be a writer like Mum...hmmmm)...there's margin for some competition in future!

Your son's anecdote is a reflection of "competitive" times when sometimes parents push their children too hard to perform, inside, outside the classroom, and even sleeping times (when the youngones have nightmares!)

I need to remind myself about having such MARGINS (think margerine with my mornin bread!) in my life; also to read The Water Margin (mGf Coww is still hunting down a good English-translated copy!).

By Blogger desiderata, at 9:29 am  

That was very well put! We all need that space in our lives and making a chicken pie would put some in my life right now.:) Have a recipe to share?

By Blogger Bkworm, at 10:19 am  

Hi, de book worm, thanks for the comments. I visited your site - and I know I would visit as often as I could!

40 something is when you begin to think of doing something significant. Have you read the book Half Time by Bob Buford?

Chicken pie recipe? My husband always says that I have the most unscientific way of cooking. I cook by my instinct. That means I don't measure with scale. If you are like me, try this -

Pie Crust
500 gm of plain flour
chilled butter (250 g)
mix using finger tips till it looks like bread crumb. The magic of this crust that melts in your mouth is - everything must be chilled, including the flour.

Line the pie tray with the flour that you have mixed with butter. Put in the oven to bake till it is lightly brown.

Wait till it is cold, pour in the chicken filling and cover with the pie crust and bake again till golden brown.

Now the chicken filling -

Two pieces of chicken breast meat, debone and diced in cubes
One can of Campbell chicken cream soup
One can of button mushroom, sliced
dash of pepper, salt
some cheese
Potatoes, diced in cubes and boil

Fry the chicken meat till cooked
Add sliced mushroom and potatoes, chicken cream soup, cheese, salt and pepper

Well, that's it. Can email me if you have doubt - phylliswyy@gmail.com

Happy Mothers' Day


By Blogger Yan, at 3:06 pm  

yum! yum! when have you became a better cook then me. ha...ha... Keep it up. you should try roast lamb

By Anonymous st, at 9:31 pm  

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