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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Look at these women - Women of Great Faith

Look at these women - Sally, Yong Hua, Huong Yung & Kiat Tsin

Look at these women - Ms Hee, International President and Choy Ying

The Chairperson of Girls' Brigade, Asia Fellowship, Mrs Sally Chew shared with the women the encouraging statement of Jesus in Matthew 15:21-28:

"Woman, you have great faith."

The Story

A Cannanite woman came to Jesus and cried out to Him to deliver her daughter who was demon-possessed. Jesus did not anwer a word. The disciples wanted to send her away.

But the woman persisted and asked again, "Lord, help me!".

Jesus said, "Woman, you have great faith"

Her daughter was delivered.

There are many women with great faith in the Bible. Mary had faith. When the angel reported the astounding news that she, a virgin, would bear a son, she said:

"Let it be to me according to your word."

Mary believed God knew what was best even when it did not make sense to her.

The women in the Girls' Brigade Asia Fellowship each has a story to tell. But there is one common thing in their service in the Girls' Brigade Ministry - they have a trusting relationship with an invisible God. God had been with them in all the perplexities of life no matter how devasting or depressing they had been. And they believe God will be with them even human eyes are telling them they are facing an impossible situation.

Till we meet again in Hong Kong in November, women of great faith, may your faith expands when you pray and keep a record of his answers...

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