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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am - Somebody

The other day I was trying to search for the background to a poem titled “I am – Somebody”. Many years back I remember hearing this on one of the children’s program. Here is the background to the poem and also the poem itself -

I Am - Somebody is a poem by Reverend Jesse Jackson, which he recited on Sesame Street in 1971. This inspirational free verse poem was unparalleled with anything ever attempted on children's television in content and delivery, and to an extent still is. The poem fulfilled Sesame Street 's initial curriculum for serving the under-privileged city youth, as well as offering cultural understanding. Kids of all races were scattered all over the Sesame Street set, on the street, benches, fire escapes, led by Jackson in the poem.

The following is this poem, in the original structure as written by Reverend Jackson. Lines of "I am/Somebody" or "But I am/Somebody" were recited both by the children and Jackson.

I am
I am
I may be poor,
But I am
I may be young,
But I am
I may be on welfare,
But I am
I may be small,
But I am
I may have made mistakes,
But I am
My clothes are different,
My face is different,
My hair is different,
But I am
I am black,
Brown,or white.
I speak a different language
But I must be respected,
Never rejected.
I am
God's child!

Thanks to “google” for such wonderful search engine. I also stumbled into a site called “I am somebody” and was really amazed by the hosts of this cyberhome. The site contains poems on “I am somebody”. I could not stop myself to write a note, and much to my delight, the host wrote to me and sent me a poem –

Hi, it was good to hear from you!
God bless you!

This one I wrote for people like you:

Giving thanks - leaving comments

To be somebody is to give thanks
For the small things in life
It is to leave a comment
On a poetic blog of a stranger
Expressing appreciation with one word: cool!
Telling how you will use it
In blessing relatives and friends
When your footsteps are a trail

Of thanks and appreciations
Of positive and encouraging words
Of real and virtual smiles
Then everyone you encounter
Will think that you are really somebody
To be somebody is not to take things for granted

But allowing yourself to be surprised
At any little token of goodness
And every expression of kindness
Giving glory to the Creator
He is the source of the beautiful life
Of a grateful heart

Yours in Christ

Visit my websites:

Visit the sites above and be delighted. Here is one for frequent travellers that gives me much insight, also from Erling –

Spending time in airports
To be somebody is spending time in airports
Waiting for the next flight
Hoping it is not delayed or being cancelled
Looking forward to arriving the destination
To be somebody is to make time meaningful
By observing unique people hurrying to their gates
Or study those who are waiting like you
Spending time waiting for the next flight
To be somebody is to utilize the waiting time
- in airports or elsewhere
Through deep meditation or silent contemplation
Or by releasing your creativity
By writing simple poems

If you don't write poems, like me, learn to appreciate poems, leaving some comments. Any site of good poems and delightful thoughts is here http://desiderata2000.blogspot.com. Visit and leave your comment and be somebody!

2 comment(s):

Thank you!

When Auntie gives you a cookie
You learnt from young to say "Thank you!"

When you are handed a red packet on New Year's Day
You wish the giver: "Happy New Year, thank you!"

When Boss gives you a raise
You gush: "Thank you, thank you!"

So one is taught civil behaviour
At school, at work and at the dinner table

Also, Elders beseech you:
If someone slaps you on the left cheek
Please turn him your right cheek

But I wouldn't advise you thus
In my wisdom gotten in golden years
I would beseech you,shout back:
"No, no thanks!
I don't fire blanks!"


PS: Yan, just in a mood for some foolery, since mh head is a little "swollen" by thy praise!

By Blogger desiderata, at 2:19 pm  

Yes, you are indeed somebody

the somebody that is always every ready to give, forgive, encourage cheer, understanding, sisterly, laugh heartily

you are a always a strength to somebody

that somebody needs a somebody


By Anonymous st, at 12:23 am  

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