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Friday, May 27, 2005

Forgetting the lyrics

One fine morning last week, I was playing Emi Fujita’s Camomile Blend in the car. Her sweet and soothing voice sang “First of May” very differently. My 9-year old son was in the car. Just as I was about to drop him off at his school’s gate, Emi ended her “First of May” with her “when I was small, and Christmas trees were tall, do…do….do….do…”. My son remarked, “I know why she has to sing do…do…do…, I suspect she has forgotten the lyrics”.

Two and half month ago, I strolled down Bintang Walk in KL, I walked into one of the music store. I heard a clear, sweet sound. I asked the sales assistant what CD she was playing. She handed me this CD, Camomile Blend Emi Fujita. I bought the CD and the other one Camomile Extra also from Emi Fujita.

For the past two and half months, I have been listening to this sweet voice and have not got tired of it. She sang many of the old songs like Moon River, Wishes (le couple ver.) & Red is the Rose beautifully.

Camomile is the result of a collaboration between Japanese vocalist Emi Fujita and Norwegian musicians Rita Eriksen and the band VAMP (Oyvind Staveland, Tobjorn Okland and Carl Apeland). The album has a total of 14 tracks, ranging from traditional Irish ballads to contemporary pop tunes.

Get one and listen – with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. It’s definitely a good way to de-stress yourself from a hard day work. Even if you forgotten the lyrics, you can do so with "do...do...do..." Who cares?

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I was cleaning my room when I heard this sweet voice was singing on TV. Not knowing the singer I rushed to the hall because that song was once dedicated by my old flame in 1997. I always want to know the singer because her voice is not only soothing but also making me cry. Though I don't really know the meaning of the lyric, but that nostalgic song plus emi's voice are giving me extremely powerful impact to my life. Now, as I know the singer I hope I can find emi's camomile blend and enjoy it whenever I need it. may be u can try to listen to "hadamori no uta" too. enjoy and feel it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 am  

Thanks, dear friend. I saw camomile blend at Mid Valley's MPH last week.

Try that. Need any help? You can always send me an email.


By Blogger Yan, at 12:08 pm  

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