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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An Excuse for Everything

For a stretch of two days, I read about Britain’s “excuse system” (Oop, it's educational system) in The Borneo Post’s World Update.

Yesterday, it reported with the headline, “Dead pets, kin mean higher grades for UK students”. Students can get extra points on their final exams if their close relatives or pets die. The official guidelines came to light yesterday.

This is applicable to A-level exam (equivalent to our STPM). A maximum of extra five percent for the recent death of a parent or close family member will be given. Four percent for a more distant family member and two percent for pets dies on exam day.

Sound like there is an excuse for everything.

Why not? The teacher finds excuses. Today’s report is about Prince Harry’s teacher, Sarah Forsyth. Sarah was dismissed by Eton College, a prestigious private school where the prince went to. Sarah is claiming unfair dismissal. In her statement, she said she had been ordered by a school administrator to help the young prince pass his art exam. She wrote virtually all the accompanying text for an art project submitted to external examiners by the prince.

While Sarah claimed that this is unethical and probably constituted to cheating, she had find an excuse that she had been forced to help the prince.

Huh? An excuse too?

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Hi Yan:

So Malaysiacan boast many similarities with its former coloniser-masters!

We have our share of public officials passing the buck once too often -- those involved in the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam environs degradation fiasco; the Parliament House that leaks (renovation costing RM99million!); tolled highways built with People's money, yet excuses are made for the need to increase tolls periodically to ensure the company's profits keep rising -- where in the way are businesses guaranteed a certain amount of profit?

It's when high officials give "lame" excuses for shody work, cost overruns and sinful profits at the people's expense, the rakyat lose confidence, and this is really a loss to the country.

I hope the rakyat do away with their "tidakapa" attitude to do something about it...fostering a responsible, civilsociety, and no more excuses like "no time, no capability" because the time may never come again!

By Blogger desiderata, at 10:51 pm  

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