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Saturday, April 09, 2005

SMS rage

I was not quite finished with the girl seated next to me in the plane sending SMS. Yes, it’s the SMS. As I stepped into the airport terminal building, many handphones were on now. SMSs started pouring in with all sorts of alert tones. I switched on my handphone too as I queued to buy my taxi coupon.

I received an annoying chain message. This woman rarely ever sends me messages aside from those annoying chain messaging. She annoys me every time she sends me a chain message. I pity her. I know she is also a victim of the chain message stupidity complex. But to spread the chain message to others is a totally different thing.

You think it’s fun? If you receive this on your phone and see whether you can smile to the phone –

God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Send this to 20 of your friends, if 5 comes back, it means you are a good friend and your family will be safe. If you ignore this, one of your “love” will leave you in 2005.

To me, it’s more than a curse or life threatening message than having good-intention to send you some luck.

Short words are sweet. But chain SMS is bitter. It annoys friends. A new term, SMS rage, to emerge soon? Send this to 20 of your friends? No, no, no.

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