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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Risk for Depression

I read with great amusement (?) fellow blogger, Desiderata’s choice of not knowing his blood pressure readings. The reason? “Ignorance is bliss”. (Read here) Or is it really?

With that reasoning, Desiderata would not need to take up a questionnaire to determine whether he is at risk of depression, that I am sure.

The New York Times reported on 13th April that doctors in New York City have begun to use a simple questionnaire to determine if a patient is at risk for depression, a practice that health officials hope will become a routine part of primary care, much like a blood pressure test or cholesterol reading.

The test includes questions about mood and behaviour.

Patients are asked if over the past two weeks they have felt “down, depressed or hopeless”.

They can answer by checking one of the followings:
Not at all
Several days
More than half the days
Nearly every day

It is reported in the same article, titled “Depressed? New York City screens for people at risk”, that surveys have found that about 16 percent of Americans - or as many as 46 million people - suffer from depression at some point. And by some estimates, depression costs the nation $44 billion a year in lost work and disability - more than any other illness, including heart disease.

Pause in awe and wonder of His glorious creation
Delight in His company and that of your fellow brethren
Respond to His precedent and rest from your labours
Find joy in a tender touch, the laughter of a child
Smell of a rose and the chirping of a bird…

And you need not be measured of your risk of mental problem…

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Hi Yan:

My piece was a half-serious teaser to remind myself and some buddies not to take our good health, and health-promoting intangiables like friendship, laughetr and poetry, for granted. Like the TMPoint ads promoting its new Brand,I'm promoting the desiderata.happiness brand taking after my sifu Max Ehrmann.

To add some point to the US depression scene, our health officials have many times caution Malaysians about looking after their mental wellbeing. About 10% of the 2.5million population would face some forms of "depression". So any therapy -- through light banter, songs, or quiet reading -puisi? anyone? --that relieves our daily grind of putting 3 meals on the table -- is soup for the body and soul.

By Blogger desiderata, at 12:11 pm  

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