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Monday, April 18, 2005

Rewrite the success script

How about a success story like this -

Her husband was a sharp law student in class at the University of London, answering quick on the spot.

She kept quiet because she wanted to make sure she got her answers correct.

Her husband did not pass his examinations and had to switch to accountancy.

But she earned her LLB and join Malaysia Judical and Legal Service working her way up to become a Sessions Court Judge...

I did not write that success story. But this is a true story of success of a Malaysian woman penned by writer of Bernama today. And I guess the story was run by many Malaysian newspapers subscribing to the national news agency service.

The world defines success in terms of things like wealth, titles, and winning. Therefore, the terrorists' definition of success is blowing up buildings. The materialist's vision of sucess is that he acquires more money. We judge success by what a person owns - talents, good looks, fame, or just being way ahead of others. We fight for success even at the expense of downgrading our own family members.

Our definition of success has only two dimensions: ourselves and our goals. But, true success should be 3-D, God, His purpose and our lives. And our lives should include ourself, family, friends and community.

Can we re-write the script like this -

Her husband, a qualified accountant, has been her constant support and inspiration.

She has, through her works, touched the lives of many people, and building up and contributing towards her community and the country.

She strives to be the best. However, on her achievements, she attributed the success to her family members, friends and God.

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