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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Money matters

Fellow blogger, YLChong (http://desiderata2000.blogspot.com) offers me to use his article "Two Lucky Countries" in my newspapers. He is "uncomfortable" when coming to money matters even when I was very gentle about it.

If you are like most people, you feel uncomfortable talking about money. This is especially so for writers/authors. But my other good friend, Angela, said that she wants to work on projects that satisfies her emotionally, spiritually and financially. Because she said, at the end of the day, she still have bills to pay.

Money does provide a sense of worth in some ways. How much your boss pay you indicates how valued you are in the workplace.

But, it is your attitude towards money that shows the direction of your spiritual walk.

The Bible says our attitude toward money is a major test of our true heart's desires (1 Timothy 6:17). An example of good use of money is Barnabas selling a field and donating the proceeds for extension of God's kingdom. A bad example is Ananias and Sapphira selling the land for their own motive of self-glory.

Someone wisely said, "The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money."

Be grateful with what you have, acknowledging it all comes from God and reaping spiritual rewards. How you use and get your money shows your trustworthiness. The gift of money is a test of your personality.

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Hi Yan:

Writing on "Two lucky countries" was a breeze, taking about half the length of time normally required for othet topics of similar length in word count, cos the words flow on penning based on one's experience and a subject close to one's heart. Then it was the "journo" in me detecting the "Newsence" in this post that I rushed an Email an hour later offering your BPost the story.

When I read yr "Money Matters" I told myself: YLChong's perspective on RinggitSense is strung up for exhibit on TV3 -- just kidding.

I'll close with an excerpt from Max Ehrmann's the desiderata of happiness, edited by Robert L. Bell:

"Do these things pay -- these poems that you write?"
"Oh! yes, so much I am almost ashamed
Of my reward, so very great it is."
"Then tell me why you are so poorly dressed?"
"I did not know that I was poorly dressed."
"Indeed you are. And think of how you live.
You should have blooming gardens, houses grand,
If your reward is great as you have said.
I understand you live in three small rooms."
"And that is two too many, I'm afraid."

For more, Go Buy the ORIGINAL!

By Blogger desiderata, at 8:53 pm  

I decided to take it easy over lunch andswitched on the TV. On it was the Opray Winfrey show. In this particular serie, it depicted how she actually used her fame and wealth to make the life of a waitress in Starbuk life better by giving this waitress and her nine children a day out at Toysarus (not sure of the spelling)where all the kids just ran wild shopping for toys they never taught they could ever have. On top of that, Ophrah went on to buy furnitures and finally a home for this family.
The children broke out in tears and the waitress was lost for words.

So, we can say, heck, she is rich. Sure, she can do it. But does that mean that we can't do it? How about just giving a RM5 to your collegue who is so broke? Or a RM5 to a beggar? The list goes on. We can do little things that may not go on TV or be publish in the newspaper, but hey, we had definitely brightened up another person who will know that the world is not such a cold place after all.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 pm  

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