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Friday, April 22, 2005

Living with no regrets

No apologies Posted by Hello

When I first heard of the program – No Apologies – I could not understand why a program teaching teenagers about love, life and sex be called such name. Many years passed, until last year I attended the workshop conducted by the Training Coordinator of Girls’ Brigade Malaysia.

It’s “No Apologies”. It’s living with no regrets.

Together with my two other colleagues in the Girls’ Brigade, we facilitated this workshop for 97 girls aged 15 to 17. All 97 of them chose not to live in regrets. They signed a pledge to sexual abstinence until they are married. How amazing!

The program is developed by a Christian group, “Focus on Family”. It aims to help teenagers with their decision to abstain from pre-marital sexual activity. The goals are to help teenagers understand the value of abstinence and recognize the relationship between love and sex and benefits of having sex for marriage and produce the skills, strategies and strength of character needed to maintain premarital abstinence.

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