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Friday, April 01, 2005

I remember

I remember the boy living next door to me yesterday.

Desiderata (http://desiderata2000.blogspot.com/) wrote on the power of poetry and also included part of the lyrics of the the song “First of May” by Bee Gees in his blog yesterday. It brought me down memory lane of my teenage years. It was the days of Bee Gees, Lobo, John Denver and many more.

For a while, I recall with wonder the simple yet unique way the boy living next door to me touched my life.

I remember –
The many songs that he played specially for me. Whenever, I was at home, he would play Bee Gees’ “Don’t Forget to Remember” and the speakers of his spinning machine directed to my house. Owning a record playing machine was a dream during those days. With nine siblings and parents trying to make ends meet, I considered having a small radio a luxury. So, it’s indeed a delightful thing to have my favorite song being played over and over.

I remember –
The many songs that he played on his guitar for me at his balcony. His balcony and my balcony was just separated by a wall, say about six feet tall?

I remember –
The many poems and letters he wrote and being folded in an “jet plane” shape that were flown over the wall and landed in my balcony.

I remember –
The many times he peeped over the wall from his balcony over to my balcony.

We were just a wall apart, yet in real sense we were a world apart. We were so close, yet so opposite. He spoke Hokkien which I never got to learn to speak. He spoke English which I did not utter a word during that time. I spoke Mandarin which he did not know a word. The only effective communication was the English poems and letters that he wrote and I could read.

He was a “stranger” in strict sense because we had never physically together without that six-foot wall. But, he has certainly left me with many good memories…

I did not remember that I have thanked him for filling my teenage days with surprises and delights day after day.... Would I have ever have a chance? I know I would not forget to remember ...

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Hi Yan -- thanks for obliging! It really is nostalgic, and yes, all all remember ... many things from my younger days, when we were young and "gay"! Thanks a million again for the memories. I hope the BoyNextDoor is somewhere reading this! I'm sure he will be more than Delighted that SomeOne still Remembers him ...as the BeeGees lyrics go.

I didn't expect you to take me seriously, as it was meant to be a "teaser" on an auspicious day -- that was the spirit I promised to tell MyRealFirstLoveStory too!

I just uploaded the closing lines: FOOLS rush in, Where wise men never roam, But wise men never fall in love, So how would they KNOW?
and PS: Sherlock sharing his wisdom with Watson in solving the puzzle of *++++@))%, Did you solve this before 11.59pm, a split second to end All Fools Day?!

Maybe 365 days from now, I'll try the "Real McCoy" of My First Love Story. Did u fall for Malaysiakini.com's story of the day? I did NOT! G'Nite, at the end of an interesting 24 hours.

By Blogger desiderata, at 11:55 pm  

Playing guitar to the girl next door? Someone asked me whether I did that before and linked me to your words.

Could I be the boy next door? I remember that sweet young girl ..... Sarikei? That little town?

By Anonymous Lim, at 3:14 pm  

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