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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cuddling a rattlesnake

On Thursday (7th April), Sibu town was flooded. My 9-year old son's school compound was also flooded. My son came home telling me that he saw a snake in the water. He asked whether he should have "saved" the snake... I told him this story, an old Indian story, if my memory does not serve me wrong...

A story was told of a young man who climbed a mountain on a cold winter's day. When he reached the top, he saw a rattlesnake coiled beside a stump. The young man walked over with careful steps to see if it was alive.

"Pleas.....se.. could you warm me under your cloak and carry me back the valley where I belong?" The sname whispered a voice that barely audible over the cold breeze.

The young man was not too sure. He said, "You would bite me."

"Pleas...s..e.., I'm freezing. I am nearly dead. How could I harm you? Your are strong. Your cloak is warm. What would you lose if you help me?"

The young man's mother had always told him that only a fool would trust a rattlesnake.

But, this dying snake seemed so sincere. It was convincing too. It was certainly pitiful.

So, he picked it up and put it under his cloak to warm and carried it down the mountain.

When they reached the mountain foot, he reached into his cloak and pulled out the snake. The snake, now warmed and feeling more itself, bit his forearm.

"Why did you do that? You cheated me." The young man was shocked.

"Cheated you? I never. You knew I was a rattlesnake when you picked me up." hissed back the snake.

I taught my son not to trust a rattlesnake. I also picked the opportunity to tell him that there are temptaitons out in the the world and it always says things like - it's not going to hurt you anyway. But, the real truth is - you knew it was a rattlesnake when you pick it up.. Resisting the temptation is as easy as not to pick up the rattlesnake, walk away from it ...

My son was holding a chocolate bar and he dropped it back into the container....

etcetera ...
Companies know that even the thought of temptation sells. They market Temptation Perfume, Temptation Splash, Temptation Bubble Bath, Temptation candles. And there are Chocolate Temptation Ultimate Truffles, and even a book series called Harlequin Temptation ....

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Hi! I read "Two Lucky Countries" on the Borneo Post today, and I remembered I read it some time ago on desiderata's blog. I posted a comment to him to let him know about that, and he kindly pointed me to this little hidden blog. I was joking to him about sending one of my entries in my blog to the Borneo Post, and he kinda took it half-seriously.

This is not a comment or whatever... just a note to say hi that's all. :)

By Blogger Kenny Sia, at 1:43 pm  

Your son is lucky to have a mother like you. You teach him real life. It's amazing how sometimes we walk ourselves right into troubles when we should know in the first place that we should be running in the opposite direction.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 am  

Hi to Kenny:

Glad you paid a courtsey call at tis corner. I sometimes pull my friends' legs and they take me seriously, sometimes 100%, sometimes 50%. I take thy posts half-seriously as you say because most are hilariously delightful. It's when my buddies take me 0% seriously that I begin to worry! Ditto to u and Yan??

By Blogger desiderata, at 11:39 am  

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