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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You are God's Creation

You're God's Creation - Creavity Workshop

This is dedicated to the 120 girls, aged 12-14, from Girls' Brigade throughout Sarawak who are now in a Juniors' Leadership Training Camp. (14-16 March, 2005 in Sibu)

Standing in front of such a big group of girls, each one unique in your own ways, I can't help but wonder: If the creation is this incredible, what must the Creator be like?

Look at the flowers. If you look closely enough, it speaks of a Designer who has an eye for microscopic detail - a Designer who cares about the little things. It speaks of a Creator who goes beyond the useful and necessary and fills his creation with delight after delight.

Or look at the stars. Thousands of twinkling lights, everyone as brilliant as the sun, every single star in its place.

Girls, of all the marvels of creation, you are the most marvelous. You are made in the image of the Creator. Your mind, your creativity, your ability to love, your ability to reason, all are expressions of God's image in you.

Of all the things in creation, nothing is better to display God's creativity than you are. So, be loving, be caring, be creative, be like your Creator more and more each day.

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