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Sunday, March 20, 2005

More than a companion

Andre Norton

Nothing in the world gives me greater delight than to indulge in a good book. A book is a best companion. It tickles every one of my senses. There are many like me, I know.

But, it is more than a companion to Andre Norton who died on 17th March (Thursday) at the age of 93 at her home in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

She requested that she be cremated with copies of her first and last books.

Andre was best known for her science fiction and fantasy novels, including the popular “Witch World” series. She earned a reputation as the “grand dame of science fiction and fantasy”. She wrote more than 130 books in various genres, including spy novels, gothic novels, adventure stories, mysteries and historical novels.

Among her best-known science fiction and fantasy novels are “Fur Magic”, “Dragon Magic”, “Star Gate”, “The Time Traders” etc. The “Witch World” series dealt with an imaginary planet reached only through hidden gateways.

Her skilful plots, imaginative settings had appealed to me when I was a young adult. The best thing is when reading her books, it's the feeling that the story was written for me. Her people are real - may be because her words are simple.

It was reported that Andre’s mother began reading and reciting poetry to her when she was 2.

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Hi, dear friend, you will love this one -

I am the servant, Thou the Lady,
I am the hand to obey, the weapon to use, the body to serve -
I was born to Thy service, and by Thy will I live, to die at the time ordained.
Let now Thy great light come into me - I am a cup to be filled that I may do what is needful in this hour.
Blessed by Thy commands - let my ears hear them, my hands and feet to obey-
Blessed be ever the Will which moves me take me for Thy everlasting service -

Andre Norton, "Mooncalled"

By Anonymous sun, at 11:02 pm  

Yes, it's the simple words that normally get the message across - no room for complication.

That's why I enjoy Max Ehrmann's poeetry -- he uses such simple words and yet the poems come acroos beautifully.

The written word must come "from the heart" I always believe, for any committed writer/ speaker who really wishes to connect with the readers/ audience.

With your post today, I think I would blog on the msg of "Simplicity" tomorrow ..Tks again!

By Blogger desiderata, at 9:13 pm  

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