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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Life's Obstacles

Last May, I met a lawyer turned educationist. She is a Singaporean. She has six children. Yes, six children. That’s very rare for a Singaporean. Her children are aged between 24 to 11. So, you can see that she is not getting any incentive for the many children, instead she was “penalized” for producing too many.

She told me she suffered many miscarriages before having the six lovely children. She said that God allowed her to go through the miscarriages so that she can identify with many women whom she meets along the way having the same problem. And she has been doing so over the past many years.

Today, I read from The Star, our own Malaysian princess telling her story. Read the story here.

Tunku Azizah Maimunah Iskandariah Sultan Iskandar, the beautiful Tengku Puan Pahang had six miscarriages in nine years. After many trials and tribulations, today, she is a proud mother of five children.

And much more, she is using her experience to help fulfill the wishes of childless couples by launching the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF). Each couple selected will receive three free fertility treatments worth RM15,000 each.

Troubles, trials and tribulations plague us daily. They pile on and press us down. Do we gripe, complain and grumble and consider them misfortunes? Or do we receive them in grace as the means through which God will do a remedial work in us? Do we endeavour to delight in these hardships and difficulties – and one day we can use our experience to bless others?

The Star further reported that the TAFF will be launched at the Mandarin Oriental on March 28. TAFF application forms will be available at hospitals and clinics nationwide.

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