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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Story in exclamation

I like the easter story of two women coming to Jesus' tomb to tend to his body. But when they got there, the stone sealing the tomb entrace had been rolled away. Jesus' body wasn't there!

The women immediately jumped to the conclusion that someone had broken in and stolen the body. The women had thought Jesus would be their deliverer. Now, that just looked like one more dreams only. Jesus was dead. Now, even the body could not be found!

Then the women saw two men - they were angels. They asked a question that changed everything - "Why do you seek the Living One among the dead!"

He is risen!!

I do not like using "exclamation marks" in my writings often. But, on easter, I have used four exclamation marks to end each part of my easter story. The last one "He is Risen" is given two exclamations.

Indeed, He is Risen - the one fact that Christianity is not a mere belief system, it is not just moral teachings of the good and evils, or the wise and good man.

He is risen means the one and only path to eternal life. It is not just Jesus alone who passed from death into life - but everyone who believes in Him.

The old saying claim that nothing is certain but death and taxes. With the "exclaimed" "He is Risen", only taxes are certain. With the resurrected Christ, we know that death is certainly not final!

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