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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Choral Speaking - Angela's Word

My son is going to join a "Choral Speaking" contest in school. Today, he came back with this poem that really amuse and entertain me. Most of all it enlightens me... Read it aloud and be enlightened too. What a way to get away from the complex world....

When Angela was very young
Age two or three or so
Her mother and her father
Taught her never to say NO
They taught her that she must agree
With everything they said
And if she didn't, she was spanked
And sent upstairs to bed

So Angela grew up to be
A most agreeable child
She was never angry
And she was never wild
She always shared, and she always cared
She never picked a fight
And no matter what her parents said
She thought that they were right

Angela the Angel did very well in school
And, as you might imagine, she followed every rule
Her teacher said she was so well-bred
So quiet and so good
But how Angela felt inside
They never understood

Angela had lots of friends
Who liked her for her smile
They knew she was the kind of gal
Who'd go the extra mileAnd even when she had a cold
And really needed rest
When someone asked her if she'd help
She always answered 'YES'

Angela was thrity-three, she was a lawyer's wife
She had a home and a family, and a nice suburban life
She had a little girl of fourAnd a little boy of nine
And if someone asked her how she felt
She always answered "FINE"

But one cold night near Christmas-time
When her family was in bed
She lay awake as awful thoughts
Went spinning through her head
She didn't know why
And she didn't know how
But she wanted her life to end
So she begged whoever put her here
To take her back again

And then she heard, from deep inside
A voice that was soft and low
It only said a single word
And the word it said was "NO"

From that moment on, Angela knew
Exactly what she had to do
Her life depended on that word
So this is what her loved ones heard:

"NO, I just don't want to
NO, I don't agree
NO, That's yours to handle
NO, that's wrong for me
NO, I wanted something else
NO, that hurt a lot
NO, I'm tired, and
NO I'm busy
And NO, I'd rather not!"

Well, her famly found it shocking
Her friends reacted with surprise
But Angela was different
You could see it in her eyes
For they've held no meek submission
Since that night three years ago
When Angela the Angel
Got permission to say "NO"

Today Angela's a person firstThen a mother and wife
She knows where she begins and ends
She has a separate life
She has talents and ambitions
She has feelings, needs and goals
She has money in the bank
An opinion at the polls

And to her boy and girl she says
"It's nice when we agree
But if you can't say 'NO', you'll never grow
To be all you were meant to be
Because I know I am sometimes wrong
And because I love you so
You will always be my angels
Even when you tell me 'NO'"

-Barbara K. Bassett

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Hi Yan:

This post really strikes a chord in me. I emphatise with the 37-year-old woman who found out eraly the importance of saying NO when the occasions demand it.

I always had gret reluctance saying "No", but all too often, it's a great dismay you find it doesn't work both ways when one says Yes.

So the "trick" is to test the person always asking favour of you: ask a big favour of him/ her and await the response/ reaction. It works most of the times! (altho sometimes I tried this too late. Well, better late than never...)

Regards, fellow blogger, from another who is inspired every time I visit your cyberhome.

By Blogger desiderata, at 9:33 pm  

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