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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Boeing CEO fired

We know boeing. We know what’s an affair. We may not understand why having an affair is an issue of poor judgment in Boeing Co.

Yes, Boeing Co. announced on March 7 that it forced its chief executive to resign. He was “fired” over affair with subordinate.

Lewis E. Platt, Boeing’s non-executive chairman said, “It’s not the fact that he was having an affair that caused him to be fired. But as we explored the circumstances surrounding the affair, we just thought there were some issues of poor judgment that impaired his ability to lead going forward.”

The CEO, Harry C. Stonecipher is 68, married with two children and two grandchildren.

Poor judgement?

Charles M. Elson, director of a corporate governance program at the University of Delaware said this when asked to comment by The Washington Post, "In this environment, office romances have serious legal complications today that they didn't have 20 years ago. It's not the relationship, it's the judgment that got you into the relationship that can get you into trouble."

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