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Saturday, February 26, 2005

You are a Gem

You are a Gem ...

These are the fourteen girls (one not in the picture) who have just promoted to Young Leaders in the Awards Day of Girls' Brigade, 1st Sibu Company yesterday.(Read here for more information about Girls Brigade in Malaysia).

They are Ivy, Jia Jing, Chuen Lu, Bik Ee, Grace, Ngiuk Hung, Yu Xuan, Winnie, Sherlyn Chuo, Zhong Weng, Connie, Joanne, Evelyn and Tiffany.

You are all gems...

Thank you for the shared moments - the fellowship - in the Girls Brigade for the past one year and more shared moments to look forward in the coming moments.

Thank you for walking alongside with me, the long journey of life has been much easier.

Thank you for the big smiles that have strengthened and energized me on many Saturday afternoons.

Thank you for the look of contentment on the projects completed that have encouraged me many a time when life becomes difficult juggling between work, family and Girls' Brigade.

Thank you even for liking the food that we prepared together. Do you know that eating together has always been an important part of fellowship and friendship? The word "companion" comes from a Latin word meaning "one to eat bread with." That I have just learnt, and I want to share with you all, gems!

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Almost a year ago, it was my first time to attend a workshop run by an NLP facilitator, Dr. Yvonne Sum.

She started her session by giving us this beautiful story about how ordinary stones could turn into gems.

The morale of the story? If we work hard at it and is ready to change for the better, we can always become a "gem" no matter what type of "stones" we are made up of.

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