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Saturday, February 26, 2005

My Story

I have not read Lim Goh Tong’s My Story though it was ranked top in MPH’s top ten books for 2004. But, I read My Story of Ballang Lasung published in The Borneo Post today. It’s written in plain language. As the editor’s note – His is a story of determination and self-discipline that should inspire young athletes of today.

But if you read Ballang’s plight in The Borneo Post on Thursday (24th February), you will be more inspired by story written in his own words today even if you are not an athlete. Ballang, a once national javelin thrower is sick. The Borneo Post reported, I quote –

He started to suffer dizziness and loss of bladder control, one of the symptoms of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)** sometime in 2001 before he was told by doctors that he was suffering from the disease in June 2003. Six months later, he could not walk or stand on his own anymore. Ballang, a lecturer at Batu Lintang Teachers’ Training College, has been on medical leave since January 2004.

A Lun Bawang from Long Semadoh, he won the National Schools javelin title in 1969 and eventually became a national athlete in 1973, competing in the Singapore Sports Carnival and the SEA Games.


Ballang has not written his own story of his illness. He has instead written one to inspire young athletes …

But The Borneo Post’s effort has not been wasted. Veteran journalists, athletes of yesterday and past sports administrators have suggested that the authorities to look into ways to help Ballang and his family. They all felt that the ailing Ballang should be given the morale support and encouragement through visits, prayers, recognitions or deserving rewards for his contributions to the country.

And the Chief Minister of Sarawak has said – “We will see what we can do.”

To the journalists in The Borneo Post – It’s a beautiful story. Get This quote by Pindar –

If one but tell a thing well, it moves on with undying voice, and over the fruitful earth and across the sea goes the bright gleam of noble deeds ever unquenchable.

**MSA is a degenerative disorder characterised by progressive damage to the automatic nervous system.

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