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Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Love

It's Love... photo credit: The Borneo Post Posted by Hello

There's something heart-warming about the photograph (above) carried by The Borneo Post today on its front page. The paper said Atikah (right), eight-year-old, was like an angel sent down to help someone in distress. Atikah saved the life of her two cousins, Imun, aged 5 and Wandi, aged 2 from the fire that burnt down their house.

This picture makes the day!

There are many everyday scenes that never fail to send spine-tingling sensations up my back over and over again. Has your heart been warmed by the following scenes?

A mother and her grown daughter holding hands?
A sweet innocence when children play together?
A man and a woman lovingly gaze into each others' eyes?
A young man leading a blind man across the street?

Why does it warm my heart? It's Love.

Love between friends. Love between strangers. Love between parent and child. Love between lovers...

It's love that causes Atikah to run into the buring house, without even considering about her own safety, and brought her two cousins safely out of the fire ..

Isn't it love?

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I wish to share with you an excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul entitled "A Small Boy". It reads like this:-

A small boy looked at a star
And began to weep
And the star said,
Boy why are you weeping?
And the boy said,
You are so far away
I will never be able to touch you
And the star answered,
Boy if I were not already in your heart
You would not be able to see me.

Maybe in essence, love is already in every each of our heart? It's just a matter of reaching into our own heart to look for it?

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