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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The heart's response

In the classic movie Shenandoah (read review here), there is a funny but thought-provoking scene. Jimmy Steward plays the role of a father of a farm during the time of American Civil War. When the family pray before their evening meal, he said this, “Lord, we give you thanks for this food. Never mind that we grew it, we harvested it, and we cooked it. We give you thanks for it anyway.”

You may have a hearty smile now because you have probably felt the same way. You work hard. Yet you have to give thanks to God for what you have.

Is it the same ingratitude that is in the heart of the 190,000 borrowers of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)? According to the Star, they owe the corporation RM420 million.

Gratitude displaces whines and complaints. Thankfulness is a virtue that overrides and eliminates dark moods. Thankfulness overcomes worry, anger, and self-pity. Gratitude purifies a critical, judgmental spirit.

To be thankful is a choice.

Imagine the society with a sudden increase of 190,000 grateful people?

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Gratitude is the greatest value that one could have. We tend to forget to count our blessings until we lost it all.

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