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Friday, February 18, 2005

Fernandes' "third son"?

If you talk of Fernandes, it’s Airasia.

If you talk of Airasia, it's Fernandes.

Today, The Borneo Post carries the captivating smile of Tony Fernandes on its front page. The story carries the headline, “Fernandes joins list of 40 richest M’sians”.

Turn to the next page of the paper, a woman called Sweetie was warded at the Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching with facial growth. (see insert)

Sweetie Posted by Hello

There is no connection made by The Borneo Post. But my mind does the connection.

The woman traveled from Belaga to Kapit (three and half hours at RM35), Kapit to Sibu (two and half hours at RM20 for economy class), Sibu to Kuching (four hours at RM35). None of the sector she traveled is covered by Airasia. The journey took her two days by express boat. The Orang Ulu National Association paid for her traveling expenses.

According to The Borneo Post, Sweetie is suffering from Neurofibromaposis, a heredity disease caused by abnormality in the growth of nerve cells. She has been living with a big lump covering the left side of her face and having to endure the pain caused by the many lumps on her body for 18 years. She was supposed to undergo a surgery in 1986 but poverty and ignorance hindered her from getting the treatment. Sweetie is 26, a Punan.

The paper further reported that the consultant plastic surgeon, Datuk Dr Ahmad Ridzuan Arshad from Kuala Lumpur is expected to perform the surgery but it is not known when he would be coming to Sarawak General Hospital.

Yesterday, I wrote of Li Ka Shing’s third son in the “person” of Li Ka Shing Foundation. (read the posting below) Has Fernandes a “third son” to share love, care and compassion to Sweetie?

My mind wonders and visualize this beautiful picture –

Sweetie is boarded on Airasia and sent to Kuala Lumpur where she can have an early treatment by the consultant plastic surgeon. Soon after, Sweetie boards Airasia from Kuala Lumpur to Kapit via Sibu with a captivating smile. She lives happily ever after ....

All Expenses – paid in full.
(signed) Fernandes’ “third son”?

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Very, very good connection. How about the other 39 rich men in Malaysia?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:52 am  

When can we have a cuppa of coffee? Remember the days we cycled in the rain, we took nature's photographs? I miss those happy times, even not so happy time...


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:08 pm  

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